ON A COLD AND STORMY NIGHT along the rugged coast of Maine, Myrtle McTumble's best friend Cassandra Ring vanishes without a trace. Thus is set in motion a Crime of Fashion that rocks Myrtle’s life while unleashing a string of unworldly events.

Myrtle McTumble, a freshman at Goodwin Fashion Academy, wasn't looking for any trouble. All she ever wanted to do was design hat-wear for witches. But this all changes the moment her best friend Cassandra disappears. Just like that! Here one minute, gone the next! They’re enjoying dinner; the next thing Myrtle knows, her friend is no longer there. No warning, no clues, no suspects, no apparent reason for her mysterious departure. Suspecting her friend has been the victim of foul play, Myrtle comes to grips with the reality Cassie is in serious danger.

Myrtle McTumble and the Mystery of the Thirteenth Witch will appeal to fans of The Haunting of Louisa, the Nancy Drew and Harry Potter series, The Never Ending Story, American Horror Story.

W/C 108,000 M/G/Y/A Fantasy.